Juicer 3 in 1 900 Watts Blender, Grinder, Juicer

$ 25

  • Space and Time Efficient: Save space and time in the kitchen with an appliance that can cover multiple needs.
  • Powerful & Efficient: A robust 900-watt engine ensures fast and consistent results.
  • Easy-to-use: Simple to clean, operate and assemble.
  • Ideal For Healthy Living: Perfect to create nutritious and delicious drinks and ingredients at Home.


The dynamic 3 in 1, Juicer Blender and Grinder boasts an impressive 900 Watts. Multifunctional kitchen appliances are a must for modern kitchens, as they offer convenience and versatility. This 3 in 1 appliance is designed for those who value efficiency and quality when it comes to their culinary pursuits. It can be used for a variety of recipes, from freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, to ground spices.


  1. Powerful Motor: Enables efficient, smooth operation in all three modes, handling even the most difficult ingredients.
  2. 3-in-1 functionality: Seamlessly change between juicing and blending to suit your needs.
  3. High Quality Blades: Equipped sharp, durable blades for optimal performance when juicing. Blending and grinding.
  4. Simple Controls: The intuitive interface and simple settings allow for easy operation regardless of the task.
  5. Large capacity: Its generous capacity makes it ideal for entertaining guests or preparing meals for the whole family.
  6. Durable Design and Safety: Made with high-quality material, which ensures durability and safety when in use.


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