Samsung Microwave Oven MG402MADXBB Grill

$ 207

  • Multi-Functional cooking: Combines the convenience and benefits of microwave cooking with grilling.
  • Energy and Time Efficient: The design is energy-saving and allows for quick cooking times.
  • Large capacity: Ideal for cooking for large groups or the entire family.
  • Sleek, modern: enhances the appearance of your kitchen through its contemporary design.
  • User-Friendly and Safe: With its additional security features, is easy to use and safe for families.


  • Capacity 40L: This microwave oven has a capacity of 40 liters, which is enough to fit large dishes, meals for a family, and even a whole bird. It is ideal for everyday cooking as well as occasional entertaining.
  • 950W microwave power & 1000W grill power: This Oven delivers fast and efficient cook, whether you are looking to quickly reheat left-overs, defrost food or grill juicy steaks.
  • Grill function: This grill function allows for the creation of crispy sandwiches or grilled vegetables. It adds a new dimension to cooking.
  • 10 Power levels: Select the right power level to suit your needs, from gentle cooking to high-powered defrosting.
  • 8 Auto-Cook Menus: Make cooking easier with eight pre-programmed menus, including popular dishes such as chicken, pizza, and potatoes.
  • Ceramic Enamel: Interior cavity is coated in a scratch resistant and easy to clean ceramic enamel. This makes maintenance a breeze.
  • Digital Display Panel and Membrane Control Panel With the intuitive control panel and digital display, it is easy to adjust settings and monitor the cooking progress.
  • Child safety lock: This feature is important because it prevents children from accidentally turning on the oven.
  • LED Cavity Light: This LED cavity light allows you to see your food clearly as it cooks.


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